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Ready to get your dog trained? 

BFF Canine trainer teaching a dog obedience command in class



Our Dog Training Services

BFF Canine trainer showing dog owners important dog rules to have in the house

Private Lessons

$200-$300 per session

Private in-home dog training lessons are perfect for those with busy schedules. We have flexibility Monday to Sunday, between 9am - 7pm. Being in your home, it will allow our trainer to analyze your dog’s behavior in their environment better, and see how the family interact with your dog(s). Learn more about our private lessons.

BFF Canine's  dog owners in a dog training group class

Group Classes

$200 - $600 for 4 weeks - 6 weeks

Our affordable dog training group classes are great for your dog to learn basic obedience and off-leash training in a group like setting. It helps your dog get socialize and prepare for public settings better. Wouldn't it be great for your dog to listen at home and out in public? Learn more about our group classes

BFF Canine trainer with a boarding dog

Board & Train

$3000 - $6000 for 14 days 

 If you're planing for a vacation, staycation or start a house project, this might be a great option for you while your dog stay with us for 2 weeks! Progress videos/pictures will be provided daily.  Once your dog is trained, we’ll teach you the rules to maintain the good behaviors. Learn more about our board and train programs. 

 Welcome to BFF Canine Obedience!


Our dog behaviorist is excited to help you and your furry friend develop a stronger bond through his effective and simple training techniques. 


Whether you're looking for puppy training , therapy dog training, basic obedience or address more complex behavioral issues, such as aggressive dog training help, our trainer is ready to meet your specific needs. 


We offer group classes (located in westside of Cincinnati), in-home private lessons, board and train programs to families in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky regions. 

These are some of the common dog behaviors addressed by our clients:

  • Jumping and barking at strangers

  • Going back to the office and your dog is having separation anxiety

  • Constantly pee and poop in the house

  • Embarrassed when walking your dog on the leash

  • Lunge and bark at other dogs

  • Not get along with the cat

  • New dog not getting along with existing pets

And many more.  Let's fix this. 

A hand pointing at a peeing spot on a carpeted area for the dog to see


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