516 Linn St. Cincinnati, OH 45203

Located near center of Cincinnati.

10 minutes from Buttermilk Pike / S-75

- 10 minutes from St. Bernard / N-75

It will be hosted in a large, open indoor. Everyone will be at least 6 feet away from each other. 

Additional Locations Listed in Schedule

Puppy & Adult

Group Classes

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Serving the Puppy and Dog Training Needs of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Welcome to BFF Canine Obedience! We’re a team of professional, friendly dog trainers dedicated to saving dogs by training dogs. Whether your dog is an adult or a brand new puppy, we can help with all their training needs! We offer both group classes and in-home services to families in the Cincinnati region. We also provide board-and-train programs, where your dog stays with us while we do all the training. Read more about us and our mission here.

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Does Your Dog...

...Jump and bark at your guests?

We can fix that!


...Constantly pee and poop in the house?
That's a stinky one, but we can fix that too.


...Lunge and bark at other dogs in public?

This behavior might be a bit embarrassing — even scary —

but you CAN walk in peace!


...Not get along with your 10-year-old cat?
Yes, they can coexist!  
...Act protective of a certain object or family member?
You can't even kiss your spouse in front of the dog! Something
IS wrong with that. It will take teamwork to fix, but we can do it together!
These are just a handful of problems we encounter. But we can
fix these issues and much more with the right training strategy, consistency, and patience! To learn how we can help, give BFF
Canine Obedience a call at 859-628-0185, or email us at mybffcanine@gmail.com. You can also get our latest training
tips on the BFF Blog.

Our Services


Private Lessons: $150-$300 per session — We can provide in-home lessons, which are perfect for those with busy schedules. This also allows us to see your dog’s behavior in their environment. We can also meet at our facility near downtown Cincinnati.

Group Classes: $200 for 6 weeks — Classes are a great way for your dog to learn basic obedience training in a group setting. This also gives them the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people.


Board-and-Train Program: $2,000 for 2 weeks — Your dog will stay with us for two weeks. During that time, we’ll fix problem behaviors by teaching good ones in their place. Once your dog is trained, we’ll teach you the rules to maintain the good behaviors. Please ask if you would like a shorter-term program to fit your budget.

Upcoming Group Class Schedule


Latest Tips From the Blog

Saving dogs, by training dogs. - LE DAO