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About Us

At BFF Canine Obedience, we believe in saving dogs by training dogs and educating people. Being a witness to many wild scenarios in his own household, Le Dao (trainer and owner of BFF Canine Obedience) decided to get certified and took a deeper dive into dog training, with one goal in mind: Share that training with others and help dogs find their forever homes by creating stronger bonds with their humans. He wants go above and beyond basic obedience, to break down dog psychology to families, so understanding and boundaries can be established. 


With a Bachelor Degree in Organic Chemistry, Le Dao brought a different perspective to dog training. He applied his problem solving and  analytical skills to determine the cause and effect in dog behaviors. Scientific studies were needed: not just based on books and online sources, but on experiences shared by experts he encountered during his travel around the world. It's fascinating to observe and learn how dogs coexist with humans and the environment. 

What set BFF Canine apart from others, is our will to accept feedbacks, learn new ways and constantly innovating our techniques. We want to make dog training simple, more effective, and easy for our clients to understand. 


At the end of the day, we want to see you succeed!

Finding the right balance in dog training is the best start in our book! By listening to your story and watching their behavior, we can work with you to find solutions to help break unwanted behaviors and ensure you and your dog can live together happily and communicate effectively.

a man training his dog to stay in place

BFF Canine Obedience provides group classes and in-home dog training services for families all around the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas. ​In-home services are very convenient for those who have busy schedules, but it also helps us to see your dog’s behavior in their environment. 


To learn how we can help you reach your training goals with your dog, call us at 859-630-0746 or email You can also get our latest training tips and advice on the BFF Blog.

Find us on social media! You can tag us in your puppy photos on Instagram @bffcanineobedience or with #mybffcanine or #bffcanineobedience. Also, give us a like on Facebook!