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 Aggressive Dog Training

What are the Signs of an Aggressive Dog?

Dog aggression doesn't always mean that a dog bites.  Some dogs may keep their aggression at a minimum with the occasional growl or bark, while other dogs may even lunge or attack.

The most important thing to understand about your dog's aggression is what triggers the aggressive behavior.

It might not always be obvious if your dog shows aggressive behavior, but if your dog shows some of the following symptoms around humans or other dogs, it could mean that it needs proper training:

  • Biting (from light to severe biting)

  • Growling

  • Baring Teeth

  • Stiff body posture

  • Ears pinned back

Nobody wants to be anxious in their own home. If you need help with any aggressive dog behavior, please feel free to reach out and we will provide a free consultation on next steps.

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As a dog rescue, we have worked closely with Le and BFF Canine Obedience. Many dogs that would have been euthanized are now thriving in forever homes thanks to Le. Le is more than a basic obedience trainer. While he is a pro at teaching your dog how to sit, stay, come, walk on a leash, etc., he also specializes in behavior modification for dogs who have more challenging behavior issues. Le has worked with our resource guarding, anxious, aggressive, and territorial foster dogs and has transformed dogs once deemed as “unadoptable” into “adoptable” dogs. In short, Le knows his stuff! If you are willing to put in the time, Le will make your dog successful. He truly saves dogs by training dogs! Furgotten Dog Rescue HIGHLY recommends!

- Forgotten Dog Rescue

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Private Lessons

We also provide private in-home basic obedience training for your dog or puppy.  Our private lessons can train your dog with basic commands, potty training, leash manners, and more!

Contacut us to learn more. 

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