Board & Train Program

Once you’ve made the initial contact with us, we will give you a call to schedule your FREE phone consultation with Le, our head trainer. He will assess your issues over the phone and come up with a strategy to help. He will then recommend which route will be best route for your situation and inform you of the prices.


Board and Train: $2000 for 2 weeks


We will provide dog pick-up and drop-off services for our board & train program. If you would like other arrangements, you definitely can request for it.


Within the 2 weeks training, you dog will stay in our head trainer’s home. We found that it’s much easier for us to keep a close watch on your dog and learn its habits much better. Different trainers, within our group, will come to train your dog daily, which will to help your dog socialize with different people. If possible, one on one dog playtime can be requested and monitor at all time, for safety reasons.


For puppies and adult dogs, we can provide potty training, basic obedience with leash walking. Off leash training is also available for adult dogs. If you have special requests, we will ask you to list it out for us, and we will check off the list as we do the training. The schedule for food or medications will be followed as directed. Pictures/videos will also be available throughout the 2 weeks training.


Returning day. Your dog knows the commands, now it’s your turn to learn it. We will go over everything and demonstrate what your dog learned for the past 2 weeks. It’s a lot of information, but we will break it down and make sure that you can do it too.

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