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"I have a very high energy clingy Portuguese Water Dog. I felt trapped in my own home. After just 1 session with Le’s plan and guidance, Louie’s separation anxiety has improved dramatically. Now when I leave the house, Louie doesn’t make a sound. He has gained so much confidence, is much more calm, and doesn’t follow me around the house. Louie is a different dog today and it’s all thanks to Le! My only regret is not finding him sooner!" - Chloe R. 

"We have two Pitt-bulls, that were very aggressive. Le has came to us and has taught us how to prevent anxiety , prevent the dogs from jumping on our guest, the proper way to respond to our dogs bad behaviors. Most importantly he taught us the proper way to walk our dogs. Lee is an amazing trainer. We would recommend him to anyone." - The Roenker Family

"We finished the adult dog obedience class a couple weeks ago and my husband and I loved working with Le! Not only was he so patient with our dogs (1 year and 4 years old), but patient with us as we learned. We needed help with leash walking, attention, and jumping/barking and in 6 weeks of classes, there was so much progress. Today, we took a walk with the dogs that was not them pulling us the whole time, and followed it with playing in the backyard where they are typically distracted by the neighbor dogs. Unlike a few weeks ago, they were able to play without barking across the yard at the neighbor dogs the whole time and came to us when called despite the many distractions." - Becca S.


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