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How to stop dog from begging

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Dogs love structure. So…set the rules, then they will follow it!

A sweet pit bull gently rests their head on the owners lap begging for food

Easier said than done, right?

Not only you have to set the boundaries, you have to enforce it and make sure it gets done consistently. Also, everybody in the family must enforce it too!

Older dog waits patiently for treat

Let’s say Milo has a habit of begging for food at the table. It’s starting to be very annoying and you would like to stop that behavior. So you set the rule: No feeding human food to Milo at the table.

Again, not only you have to enforce that rule everyday, everyone in the family must too! You will find out very quickly who is not enforcing the rule. Just watch whom’s Milo begging for food at the table.

I guess it’s also applied to kids.

"Saving dogs, by training dogs."-Le Dao

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